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Science and the arts: possible intersections and new trajectories

Call for Paper, «Foundation of Science»

Art and science have long been considered two separate realms, incapable of communication and split from any shared epistemological or philosophical basis. Yet contemporary aesthetics, as distinct from the earlier periods, is characterized by a broadening of its disciplinary boundaries, which means that the artistic object, the very concept of art, the concept of the beautiful and the aesthetic, can no longer siphon itself from the results of the sciences. The understanding of the phenomenon of perception, for example, is enormously enriched by an engagement with neuroscience, where brain activity is studied to describe the subject’s relationship with the outside world; conversely, Gestalt Psychology considers artistic experience as a site capable of offering scientific material to delimit the objective field of vision. Also notable are the contributions of biology and evolutionary theory in highlighting the relationships between art and language. The link between art and science, then, methodologically and epistemologically, deserves to be explored by both fields: it is important for scholars of aesthetics to seek comparison with the latest developments in the sciences, and for scientists, in turn, to deepen their research by considering the problems arising from Beauty, form-making, and an experience of modeling reality as artistic practice. This issue aims to call scholars from a wide variety of backgrounds to reflect on the current relationship between art and certain scientific fields. Specifically, the issue includes five themes:

1) Art and neuroscience

2) Art and biology

3) Art and mathematics

4) Art and psychology/psychoanalysis

5) Art and language sciences

Peer-review Process:

All submitted papers will be double blind peer–reviewed for the publication. The papers are expected to be revised (in the contents, editing and English) prior to submission. The papers not adequately written according to Foundations of Science’s Guidelines (please, visit: even if its abstract-proposal is regularly accepted, then they can be finally rejected by editors. Acceptance of the paper does not mean automatic publication of the article.

Submission Process:

Foundations of Science online editorial manager: An early registration might be required. No limitation of number of pages and figures.


Damiano Cantone | Andrea Colombo | Silvia Capodivacca

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